martes, 26 de abril de 2016

Writing assigment

Sea troubles
The afternoon was lovely, sunny and hot. The sea looked calm but even when we tried to ignore it, we could sense that a heavy rain was coming, both Michael and Chris were scared but they knew that, that day was going to be the best waves of the year. They started to debate what to do, and they decided to surf. They surfed till clouds were nearly above them. Few minutes later it started to rain, normally but they continued surfing.
An hour later, they were still there and it started to rain really heavly and the waves grew and grew. While Michael was looking to the other side, a wave broke against him, the surfboard knocked his head and he fained, he started going deeper. Chris got worried, He started to look for him but  when he did, it was impossible to get him back,
As he loved the ocean, they made him funeral there, and let the ocean take care of him.

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