martes, 17 de mayo de 2016

White House

Two years ago, USA goverment was in conflict with Arabia. Everyone could see that a war was coming. It was a normal saturday, before six trucks appeared at the entrance of the White House.
Almost 200 people appeared from there, all with balaclavas. They knocked down the door out and entered. They started threatening people, taking them as hostages. Some terrorists went for more people, and other ones went to take the hostages to a room. The president was noticed before they went for him, so he hid in the basement, there's a myth that behind the White House there are tunnels that conmect it with the outside. The army was outside, they couldn't enter because they had hostages, one person (of the army) worked on the White House, so he knew about the tunnels, and he entered. He found the president, and he told him about the situation. They got to an air conduct to get to the room where they had the hostages. Luckly, there where only 2 people with the hostages so they attacked them from behind and started getting out the hostages, by the air conduct, when they were all out, they notified the army. Suddenly, they blew the White House to kill the terrorist. They reconstructed it in less than 2 years and all went back to how it was

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